We believe residents across Edgemont all aspire to a common goal to protect and promote Edgemont’s identity and interests, especially around our community, schools, property values and quality of life.

We have no direct representation at the Town level, and, moreover, we represent less than 8% of the townwide vote.  This has limited our ability to accomplish the above.  We believe the best way to solve the situation is through the creation of a Village of Edgemont by a process that is thoughtful, well-researched, and reflects the needs of the community as a whole.

What Edgemont means to us:

1.     A great place to raise families and to retire

Excellent schools committed to all children & programs for adults – those gifted, those average & those needing special attention; intimate, vibrant community; and commitment to public safety

2.     Highly desirable location & investment

Our proximity to NYC, historically strong and sustainable appreciation in property values & great services

3.     Diverse and inclusive community

A community that embraces and celebrates the diversity of our residents, with governing principles and institutions that foster inclusion

4.     Great quality of life

Strong programming, community aesthetic, parks & green space, spirit of community involvement & volunteerism

5.    Responsible budget and strong fiscal health

Opportunities to provide our residents and the surrounding communities with a well managed infrastructure, services, and programming.  Fund a healthy contingency fund for extraordinary issues while managing to tax neutrality relative to Greenburgh

Key Reasons to support Village of Edgemont.

1.    A Village of Edgemont would be responsive to Edgemont’s needs.

Local control would create stronger community & quality of life.  We would create our own Comprehensive Plan on land use and community development.  We would reduce our risk for litigation and unwanted zoning variances in our area by making our own thoughtful and law abiding decisions on zoning, based on what's best for our community.

We would better serve Edgemont, e.g. sidewalk construction, backyard trash pickup, local parks & recreation.

2.     Same or lower taxes, better services. The Village would have control over its budget taxes and service levels.  We keep our tax dollars local and focus spending on areas that are critical to Edgemont

3.     Local representation.  Have your vote matter and voice heard.

Elect neighbors who are vested in Edgemont and understand what makes it special.  Edgemont’s Board of Trustees and Mayor would live in Edgemont & be elected by us