Creating a Village of Edgemont

Our Future. Our Choice.

Edgemont has no direct representation at the Town level and represents only 8% of the Town-wide vote. That has limited our community's ability to influence local land use planning, service levels, tax rates, and general quality-of-life matters. The EIC believes the best path forward is to establish a Village of Edgemont through a well-researched process.

Why is becoming a village the best option?

1. Same or lower taxes, better services. Like neighboring villages, Edgemont would have control over its budget, taxes, and service levels. 

2. A Village of Edgemont would be responsive to Edgemont.

The Village would have control over its laws (e.g. permitting, zoning and planning), could determine its service levels (police, sanitation, parks and recreation), and will decide how to invest (sidewalks, walking paths, Central Avenue improvements, local amenities specifically tailored for residents). This would strengthen the community and improve our quality-of-life. 

3. Local representation would allow your vote to count and be heard. 

Like our school and fire boards, an incorporated Village of Edgemont would be governed by residents who are 100% accountable to their neighbors. The community would be run on a day-to-day basis by professional managers.

This is THE chance to shape our future