Why Now?

  • Recent land-use matters in Edgemont have been mishandled by Greenburgh, resulting in costly litigation and settlements.  They have sparked Edgemont residents to consider the long-term impacts of the Town’s careless granting of variances.
  • The Town's June 2017 reassessment has caused Edgemont's share of Town taxes to increase from 24% to over 26% for the same level of Town services. 
  • By becoming Greenburgh's seventh village, Edgemont will have its own local zoning and planning boards and could implement a comprehensive land-use plan reflecting Edgemont’s vision for Edgemont. 
  • As a village, we will represent 100% of our voting population.  Edgemont will elect our own village mayor and trustees consisting of residents who are accountable to us.  
  • We believe that Edgemont would benefit from professional day-to-day executive management. Like Hastings, Scarsdale, Rye Brook and other well-managed and financially healthy Westchester municipalities, Edgemont would hire an experienced village manager to run the day-to-day operations of our government.