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The EIC has reviewed and compared sanitation programs from other municipalities.   See below: 

The numbers above show that Greenburgh is charging us substantially higher than what villages pay per household.  Edgemont appears to be paying $567 per household, far higher than any of the above villages' per household cost. A comparison with Rye Brook is particularly revealing.   

What does Rye Brook get from their private contractors for $226 per household? 

They enjoy pick up 2x per week; both types of recycling each week;

Bulk trash pick up every other week; and piled leaves removal.

They get front and side yard service for no additional fee; 

What do we get for paying $567 per household to Greenburgh? 

Their service to us includes curbside pick up 2x per week and alternate weeks for recycling (co-mingle and paper).

We do not get front and side yard service for garbage and nor do we get leaf pile pick up.



From Edgemont taxpayers, Greenburgh is collecting more than 2.5x what Rye Brook collects from its villagers for sanitation. Where is the supposed benefit of economies of scale?

The math is compelling.  If as a village, we copy Rye Brook and engage private contractors who must regularly bid for our business in a competitive market, the savings per annum will be around $915,135.  This amount alone will largely cover our village administration costs.