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The Town of Greenburgh currently provides residents with Sanitation Services. Such services include curbside pickup twice a week, and alternate weeks for recycling. The Town previously provided front and side yard service for garbage and leaf pile pickup, but has since reduced those services. 

The EIC has reviewed several sanitation programs from other municipalities, and found that Greenburgh's service is expensive. Moreover, the claim that we benefit from the scale of a larger municipality is proven false in Greenburgh by the following chart:

This chart shows the entire unincorporated Greenburgh as being among the highest cost service per household, but with the largest number of households. Furthermore, among the least expensive services is Rye Brook, which provides front and side yard service for no additional fee. They also take both types of recycling each week, bulk every other week, and remove piled leaves. 

According to our research, Rye Brook receives its service from private contractors. These services are regularly bid out, and because of the competitive market, the pricing for such services has been in decline for over a decade. 

As a Village, Edgemont could purchase services from Greenburgh, provide our own sanitation services as other Villages do, or follow the same path as Rye Brook and work with private organizations.

In the context of the chart above, see the updated chart below for Edgemont's contribution to sanitation broken out by average cost per household and number of households by comparison to other villages and unincorporated Greenburgh.