EIC's Research:

Little League

Incorporation would have no effect on right of Edgemont children to play in Elmsford Little League. The Elmsford Little League is a private organization in which many Edgemont residents volunteer. And seniors would have same right to continue to take part in Greenburgh’s programming for seniors that seniors living in Greenburgh’s villages aleady enjoy.

Edgemont Summer Camp

Edgemont Day Camp is run by Edgemont Rec, a private not ­for ­profit company, and incorporation would have little effect on Edgemont Rec, other than the potential of the Village's decision about maintaining access to the Greenburgh pool. The Greenburgh pool can contract directly with Edgemont Rec if it so chooses, but it may opt not to if Edgemont opts not pay the $2 million dollar annual fee for the pool. 

Having access to a pool is, of course, important for Edgemont Day Camp. If faced with the loss of the pools at Veteran, Edgemont Rec would have to look at alternate venues, including Sprain Ridge Park, equidistant to Edgemont, to which we would already have access because it is a county facility.