The EIC has been asked to enumerate reasons that Edgemont residents might oppose incorporation. We have collected several thoughtful and understandable opposing points of view from community members, including:

  • Preference for a distant governing body, populated by non-residents (i.e. discomfort with governance by neighbors, as is currently the case for Edgemont's school and fire districts);
  • Associated lack of interest in achieving greater influence over local government affairs, including land use, taxes, service levels, and community investment;
  • Appreciation for the current Greenburgh Town Board's approach to policy-making and governing;
  • Association with the Town government itself (current or past volunteer, past employee, or handling of personal matter) that engenders an affinity for our current unincorporated status;
  • Preference for maintaining guaranteed access to the pool at Anthony Veteran Park;
  • Comfort with current services and discomfort with change;
  • Concern about transition and whether Edgemont Village officials will be as responsive as the Town Supervisor; and
  • Concern that the rest of Greenburgh will suffer financially should the Town refuse to offer services to Edgemont via contract.

Opponents of incorporation have put forth many reasons to oppose incorporation with which we disagree. Their websites may be found here: