The Town formed a Citizens' Contingency Committee to determine the costs and fees for continued current Greenburgh services to a Village of Edgemont.

We've put together some questions and ideas to help understand how Edgemont can continue with services from Greenburgh.

The EIC has examined the total cost of services for the entire unincorporated area, normalized per capita, per household, or per road mile as appropriate because we assume every resident, every household, and every road mile in unincorporated Greenburgh are all treated equally. We then looked at the differences between average costs and what Edgemont collectively pays today to determine if the difference or "fees" are already reasonable. The results are interesting. 

In an effort to work with the Town for everyone's benefit, we've asked questions to help understand actual costs of providing those services:

  • What drives public works, sanitation, parks and rec service consumption by neighborhood in unincorporated Greenburgh?
  • What is the frequency and severity of emergency calls by neighborhood, and is the mutual aid provided to villages reciprocated equally? 

Click here for the open letter the EIC has sent to the Citizens' Contingency Committee.