We are working toward a comprehensive feasibility study, including a ground-up budget with both revenues and expenses, that will provide the residents of Edgemont with a clear understanding of how the Village would be self-sufficient at the current taxation level.

Ahead of that study, we've prepared:

  • A FAQ on Village revenue, using source data from peer Westchester villages. Feedback from residents on this section is welcome!
  • A preliminary revenue estimate, so you can get a sense of how much tax revenue will be available to our village and is currently managed by Greenburgh on our behalf. We are working on the expenses for the Village of Edgemont, and as soon as we have a review by an outside expert, it will be available here. Getting these outside reviews takes time and money, and so we'd appreciate your financial support. 
  • A survey to include your opinions and ideas that will assist us in building an expenditure budget reflecting resident preferences. We strongly encourage you to complete the survey so your voice will be heard.

Please join our email list to get updated on the availability of the financial documents. The email form is at the end of this page.