Introductions and Finance Presentations 

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EIC Introduction of Feasibility Panel

The EIC introduces the presentation and discussion on the feasibility of an Edgemont Village
Zions Public Finance's Susan Becker walks through the highlights of Edgemont's feasibility and the methodology and philosophy behind understanding the economics.
Julia Novak introduces the team that verified the Zions Public Finance study, including a former Rye police commissioner, a former city operations analyst, and herself, a former city manager.
Susan Becker and Jon Lewis answer a question about capital requirements, access to debt, and the reasons why a Village of Edgemont is in excellent shape to access capital markets for projects and improvements.

Discussion of Major Services


Julia Novak walks through the staffing and services for a village administration, and covers the transitions and contigency budgets and transition activities.

Public Works, Snow, Sanitation

Jonathan Ingram presents the options and analysis for building a comprehensive public works department, which includes snow removal, highway, and sanitation.

Police and Public Safety

Bill Connors presents the options for both having our own comprehensive police force and contracting for police services.

Novak Team Conclusions of Feasibility

Julia Novak walks through a brief summary of her team's take on the feasibility of an Edgemont Village.

Questions from the Audience

Question is asked about Edgemont's outstanding debt obligations to Greenburgh. How do the work, what are we paying already, what is the schedule, and do we need financing?
Question is raised about detailed Pension numbers, if the Town can block us from park access, and the impacts and water and sewer taxes.
Question is asked about methods of accessing cash during the transition.

Resident raises concerns about unsubstantiated information about our parking, the loss of access to the pool, and the fate of a long island village with triple the population and a quarter of the revenue.

Question is asked about how other villages these teams have worked with feel about their villages afterwards, and who will provide EMS and public safety in the event of a catastrophe.
Question is raised about risks of incorporation and there is a discussion of those risks, mitigating factors, and the comparable risks of the status quo.
Question is raised about the pension impact, if any, on the schools and accordingly the school tax bill.
Question is asked about a the impacts to coop and condo resident taxes, and for first time attendees, where does one gather more information?

Question is asked about insurance costs and if the study considers the feasibility of locating facilities.

Question is asked about an Edgemont Village's benefit and pension obligations.
Question is asked about the price to purchase our own parking spots at Hartsdale Train Station.
Question is asked about where could town hall and police be located within the village. Second question is asked about ensuring government appropriately represents all residents, not just single family homeowners.
Question is asked about the Edgemont Incorporation's impact on the rest of Greenburgh Unincorporated area.
Question is asked about what are the uses of the large budget surplus from the village?
Question is asked about how municipalities can work with each other to purchase and provide services together, not just build their own.