Here, we profile Andrea Weiss, an 18-year Edgemont resident with a long record of civic involvement (in organizations including the Edgemont School Foundation, Edgemont Scholarship Council, Edgemont PTA and PTSA, School Board Nominating Committee, Edgemont Community Council, Elmsford Little League, and the Junior League of Central Westchester).  She’s also an active realtor in the community, so her finger is on the pulse of what prospective buyers are focused on. Below, Andrea tells us why her personal and professional experience has prompted her to support Edgemont’s incorporation into a village.


When did you move to Edgemont?

My family moved to Edgemont in January 2000.  We fell in love with the first house we saw in the Cotswold neighborhood and are still in the same house.

Tell us about your family.

My husband, Loren, works in private wealth at UBS and has served the community on the Cotswold Board and as investment manager for the Edgemont School Foundation.  We have three boys, all of whom were in the Edgemont school district from kindergarten through high school graduation.  Stephen (EHS ’14, High Point ’18 ) sells temporary staffing services for Vanguard Placements in NYC, Jacob (EHS ’14,  Duke ’18) is working for Morgan Stanley as an investment banking analyst in Mergers and Acquisitions, and Ian (EHS ’18) is a freshman at Elon University, currently planning on studying film.  My three boys had unique experiences in Edgemont, and were active in school sports, government, and extracurricular activities.  Edgemont schools and the community have been a wonderful place for each of my boys to thrive.

What have been your major community involvements?

Our move to Edgemont coincided with my becoming a full-time stay-at-home mom, and I decided to put my time and energy outside of my family into our new community.  I have served on the board and been co-chair of the Edgemont School Foundation and as a co-chair as well as board member and secretary for the Edgemont Scholarship Council.  I’ve been a PTA chair of Kids-Help-Kids and Great Books leader.  For the PTSA, I served as a board member (Membership Chair and Corresponding Secretary).  Additionally, I’ve been an Elmsford Little League coach, Cotswold Board Member and Vice President, ECC board member, and currently SBNC chairperson. It’s been a privilege and pleasure to work with my fellow neighbors and be active in so many leadership positions in Edgemont.

Outside of Edgemont, I am also a member of the Junior League of Central Westchester and have served as a board member and chair of various committees.  I currently sit on the advisory board of the Scarsdale Adult School and have served on the board of Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling.

Why do you support incorporating Edgemont into a village? 

As an active realtor in our community, I enjoy meeting the new families who are moving in (or considering doing so), as well as working with Edgemont neighbors who have been here for decades and had wonderful experiences here.  I believe that local control will be attractive to prospective buyers, providing them with confidence that our government is run as well as our schools. Becoming a village will enable better alignment between our local government and our school district.  This will strengthen our school district, protect our property values, and create an identity that is about both community andour wonderful school district.

 I also believe in a voting structure where Edgemont’s representatives are voted in (and out) only by those they represent.  I believe in accountability and transparency in local government as well as control over zoning and planning.  The conversation about becoming a village has been raised quite often during my tenure as a resident and I believe the timing is now right to make it a reality.  

Are there any specific initiatives that you hope to see a Village of Edgemont focus on?

Despite now having no children in the Edgemont School District, I am committed to our wonderful community and excited about the future of Edgemont.  I’d like to see a Village of Edgemont focus on long-term financial and comprehensive land use plans that include maximizing income from commercial areas, creating parks, a community center, and a local pool.  Lastly, and in due time once a surplus has been created, I would like to see a Village of Edgemont provide tax relief to its residents.

 I recognize that there is uncertainty and risk in any new endeavor.  But I fully believe we, as a community, have the talent, financial resources, and opportunity to create a better Edgemont.